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Me and My Mates. The business directory that vets each and every one of the businesses that wishes to advertise on We personally visit every single business before their adverts are published to the world. Keeping you away from rogue unscrupulous trades people.

We like to keep it local too. All businesses included here will be local to you and we aim to keep expanding this site to cover your area. If you can’t find anyone local to fulfill your requirements, please feel free to email us with your details and what you’re looking for and we will go out of our way to locate a reliable trustworthy tradesman local to you. Again, we vet all businesses before recommending to anyone.

Every business on here has the ability for you to leave comments, so don’t hesitate to congratulate them on a job well done.

You can advertise on our website for as little as £10 per month! For a more prominent listing with greater exposure, you can upgrade your listing to our £25 per month package.