How to get more reviews for your listing

Did you know that customers are 12 times more likely to trust reviews left by your customers than they are by anything you tell them yourself.

That’s why customer reviews are massively important. Your profile makes it easy for customers to leave you reviews.

Research shows that by getting a customer to leave a good review, you’re creating a relationship. And that customer is not only more likely to recommend you, they are more likely to use you again.

Ideally you want to have at least three reviews on your listings page, but the more the merrier. And every time you get a new one, let us know and we’ll share it through our social media channels.

So, how do you get them and when you’ve got them, how do you make the most of them?

  1. Make a positive impression on your customers. This won’t be a problem for anyone on the meandmymates site, because we already know what a great job you do.
  2. Remind customers to leave a review. We have some business cards for this very purpose. If you don’t have any email us and we’ll drop some off for you.
  3. Include the logo and web address on your paperwork – with a request for them to leave a review. It’s easy for them to forget once you’ve left, so remind them in any way you can.
  4. Add it to your email. We can help you with a meandmymates logo to add to your email signature, which asks clients to leave you a review.
  5. Build it in to your working process. If a customer hasn’t heard of show them on an ipad or tablet – show them your page and ask if they’d leave you a review
  6. Motivate your staff to try to get more reviews. Get your staff to talk about leaving reviews on maybe add an incentive to act as motivation.
  7. If you haven’t got any review cards… drop us a line and we will drop them round for you.

Good luck. And let’s get those reviews flying in.