MEANDMYMATES.COM was crowned Small Business of The Year at the Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

It’s the second time this year the company has been honoured locally – back in July they were presented with the ‘Best Business’ trophy at the Altrincham festival.

This follows recent launch of an Altrincham franchise of the website started by builder Dominic Kent.

Dominic, said: “It’s been a fabulous year for, we’ve had great new business, a new website and our first franchisee come on board.

“When I started it as a way for people to find tradespeople they could trust, I had no idea we’d end up where we are now. The feedback has been fantastic. We get 1,000s of visitors to the site each month – nearly all of them looking for a business or a service in Sale.

“It’s not just a listings site. We are part of the community. Every penny we make goes back into supporting sport and business in the local area.”

The website charges businesses between £10 and £25 to advertise, but each one must undergo a rigorous review before being allowed on the site.

Dominic added: “We could have had 500 listings on there by now, but we are very picky about who we choose.

“Our goal for the next year is to keep growing and keep adding the best businesses in Sale, Altrincham and Hale to the site. We want people to know that anyone they find on has been through a rigorous review process and there’s no-one on there I wouldn’t happily recommend to my own mum.”

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